05/29/2013 09:09 am ET Updated May 29, 2013

Joe Arpaio: 'We Will Appeal' Ruling In Case On Latino Racial Profiling (VIDEO)

Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio addressed a recent court ruling that says he violated the constitutional rights of Latinos in his crackdown on undocumented immigration, CBS5 reports.

"One hundred of my deputies were authorized and trained by the federal government, ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement), to enforce federal immigration law," Arpaio says in the pre-recorded statement released Tuesday evening. "Now, a federal court has ruled that federal training was unconstitutional, and it led to racial profiling. We will appeal this ruling."

Arpaio argued that he "upholds the law," but noted that he would comply with court orders to stop using race as a factor in law enforcement decisions.

"The court's order is clear," Arpaio says in the video. "We will no longer detain persons believed to be in the country without authorization whom we cannot arrest on state charges. I have already instructed my deputies."

The AP reported earlier on the ruling:

The decision by U.S. District Judge Murray Snow in Phoenix backs up years of allegations from Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's critics who say his officers violate the constitutional rights of Latinos in relying on race in their immigration enforcement.

Snow, whose ruling Friday came more than eight months after a seven-day, non-jury trial, also ruled Arpaio's deputies unreasonably prolonged the detentions of people who were pulled over.

The ruling marks a thorough repudiation of the immigration patrols that made Arpaio a national political figure, and it represents a victory for those who pushed the lawsuit.

Watch a video of Arpaio's statement above.



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