05/29/2013 07:08 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Kevin Brennan, NYPD Cop Shot In Head Last Year, Arrests Suspects In Another Case At Scene Of Shooting


Sgt. Kevin Brennan, the NYPD detective from Garden City who was shot in the head last year, returned to the scene of one crime Tuesday and stumbled onto another, taking some quick police action, officials said.

Brennan, 29, who was wounded while grappling with a suspect in January 2012, had returned to the scene of that case at the Bushwick Houses in Brooklyn to do a walk-through with prosecutors preparing for the trial of the man suspected of firing the shot.

While driving away from the 24 Humboldt St. address, Brennan and his partner, police officer Michael Burbridge, noticed two men who Burbridge recognized as being wanted for a home invasion a few days earlier. Both Burbridge and Brennan quickly left the car and stopped the pair, asking them to get up against a fence.

"I felt the butt end of firearm in his waist and kind of put him in a nelson and held him," said Brennan, who one official said was still undergoing physical therapy for his wound. "Officer Burbridge helped me and we were able to cuff him up."

Brennan, who was promoted to detective soon after the shooting and now works in the intelligence division, said in a telephone interview that he had recovered about 100 firearms in his eight years with the NYPD. Burbridge, 31, said he has recovered about 120 guns in his 81/2 years on the force.

Tuesday, Brennan recovered a 9-mm handgun from Joseph Roman, 17, of Humboldt Street, Brooklyn, a police spokesman said.

Roman and Tyrrell Woods, 23, of Staten Island, were both charged with robbery and criminal use of a firearm in the home-invasion case, police said.

One police official, who didn't want to be identified, said Brennan's action Tuesday was all the more impressive because of his ongoing therapy for injuries sustained in the shooting. ___



Kevin Brennan, NYPD Officer Who Survived Shot To Head