05/29/2013 11:27 am ET Updated May 29, 2013

William Saviano Lets Pony Poop In Liquor Store (VIDEO)

So a pony walks into a liquor store...

We don't know the punchline to this joke, but it's definitely messy. When William Saviano, 51, decided it'd be a good idea to bring his pony on a wine run, his pet pooped on the store's rug.

Authorities in Warren, R.I., responded to the liquor store owner's call Monday night after Saviano brought the pony inside, allowed it to defecate, and didn't clean up, NBC 10 News reported.

"I didn't think it was a big deal," Saviano told the station.

Security cameras caught the whole scene on tape. In the video, Saviano is seen parading the pony around the store, and then standing next to it as it relieves itself.

"The horse walks in and all of a sudden he just starts doing his thing all over the store," a liquor store employee told KTRK-TV. "[Saviano] seemed a little disengaged with what was going on around him because he didn't have a clue his horse did that, so I was very puzzled."

Charges were not filed. Police brought Saviano back to the store to clean the mess.



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