05/29/2013 02:40 pm ET

Questions To Consider Before Getting Married, Whether You're Straight Or Gay

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In her cover story for the latest issue of The Atlantic, Liza Mundy considers what heterosexual couples can learn from gay couples in light of the fact that gay marriages are happier on a variety of metrics than straight ones. One potential source of that greater happiness, the article suggests, is that same-sex couples are more thoughtful and creative in their preparations for marriage than straight couples. Straight couples tend to default to stereotypical gender roles in deciding who will take care of the kids, who will work for pay, and so on. For gay couples, on the other hand, everything is up for negotiation. The result isn't a clean 50-50 split on each chore. Rather, Mundy writes, "One partner might do the same chore regularly, but because there was no default assignment based on gender, such patterns evolved organically, based on preferences and talents."