05/29/2013 01:53 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Sexy Hotness Sleeping Bag' Offers Multiple Ways For Warmth

Camping just got a little more interesting.

The Sexy Hotness Sleeping Bag, created by Alite Designs, offers many ways for you to keep warm the next time you're sleeping out under the stars. The built-in leg holes allow you to walk around, the arm holes keep your hands free and the hood gives you the maximum amount of warmth. While this solo sleeping bag seems like the answer to your wilderness needs, perhaps the greatest benefit comes when you have a camping partner.

The strategically placed zippers and snaps allow multiple Sexy Hotness Sleeping Bags to be connected, giving you and your partner the opportunity to get as cozy as possible while camping. Body heat obviously increases the warmth factor when sleeping outdoors, so the ability to snuggle up in a sleeping bag built for two just upped the couple camping ante.

Take a look at the innovative design below.
sexy hotness sleeping bag

Learn more about the sleeping bag in the video below!

sexy hotness sleeping bag from Alite Designs on Vimeo.



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