05/29/2013 07:07 pm ET

Sheryl Crow's Music Tackles Single Motherhood On New Country Album (VIDEO)

Sheryl Crow is poised to take the country world by storm with her new album "Feels Like Home," due out in September.

But the singer's genre switch from pop-rock to country isn't the only standout aspect about her new album. The single mom of two told the Associated Press Tuesday that one track on the album, "Waterproof Mascara" -- which was co-written by Brad Paisley -- tackles single motherhood.

"I made Brad Paisley write a chick song about being a single mom," she said.

The song, which can be heard in its entirety in the video above, includes the lyrics, "So I wear waterproof mascara/ There's things you shouldn't see when you're a kid/ Thank god they make waterproof mascara/ 'Cause it won't run like his daddy did."

Crow has two adopted sons, whom she adopted on her own.

Check out the slideshow below for more songs inspired by single life.

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