05/29/2013 06:52 pm ET Updated May 30, 2013

Tanishq Abraham, 9-Year-Old College Student, Discusses Life As A Genius (VIDEO)

Nine-year-old Tanishq Abraham was inducted into Mensa at age 4, took his first college class at age 7, and was accepted to Phi Theta Kappa honor society earlier this month.

The child genius joined HuffPost Live host Mike Sacks, with his younger sister (also a Mensa member), and Professor of Child Development David Henry Feldman to discuss education options for kids who are considered prodigies.

Feldman defines a child prodigy as "a child who has reached an adult professional level in a very demanding field at a very young age." He said in some fields like music, signs can appear as young as age 2. And in extreme cases, Feldman says traditional education "virtually has never worked."

Abraham agreed. He went to a regular elementary school "all the way till third grade." And then, "I started having problems with the school system," he said.

Watch the clip above and click here to view the segment in full.



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