05/29/2013 06:40 pm ET Updated May 29, 2013

The BFF Breakup: More Common Than We Think?

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Can your relationship with a best friend really last forever?

For Natalie Kon-yu, co-editor of a collection of essays about female friendship called "Just Between Us," it didn't. In a piece for the Guardian this week, Kon-yu revealed the confusion and hurt she felt when a 20-year friendship suddenly ended:

She stopped returning my calls; she ignored my messages. She was living in another country so I had no way of reaching her, no way to confront her. Months passed and I realised that my best friend had stopped being my best friend. Had, in fact, stopped being my friend altogether. And I didn’t know why.

Kon-yu didn't know how to talk to others about this kind of loss, thinking that the experience was "trivial" and assuming that no one would understand. So when she finally broached the topic at her writing group, she was surprised at how many others had lost a long-time best friend.

Back in March, our readers shared their stories and images of friendships that lasted -- and we hope those relationships stay that way. But now we want to offer a space to discuss those friendships that didn't make it. Have you ever had a "breakup" with your BFF? What was the worst part? What would you say to the friend who got away? Email your story in a couple of paragraphs to women@huffingtonpost.com, along with your age, geographical area and whether or not you would like us to use your name.



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