05/30/2013 05:57 pm ET

Dan Savage: Cheating 'Can Save A Marriage' (VIDEO)

Columnist Dan Savage stopped by HuffPost Live Thursday to dish on his new book, "American Savage: Insights, Slights, and Fights on Faith, Sex, Love, and Politics."

On the agenda? Savage's view on infidelity, which has lately made headlines.

Recounting a story from his book about a man who took a lover on the side when his wife's libido disappeared, Savage told host Josh Zepps that there are times when cheating "is the right thing to do."

"Sometimes it can save a marriage," he said.

Ultimately, the wife's libido came back, the man parted ways with his lover and their marriage endured. In that situation, Savage says the infidelity was the "lesser of two evils."

"Divorcing his wife, economically disadvantaging his wife, traumatizing his children, versus having this discreet affair on the side -- I look at that and I say the affair was the right thing to do," he said. "Divorce would have been the wrong thing to do. Two wrong things maybe -- two evils -- but divorce was the greater evil."

To those who argue with his logic, claiming that good relationships are built on honesty, Savage says that "relationships aren't depositions."

"We lie to our partners all the time," he said. "There are some truths you don't tell to spare your partner's feelings and to allow them to continue to love you the way they want to love you."

Watch the video clip above for more on Savage's take on infidelity and relationships (and check out the full segment here), then click through the slideshow below for 15 of Hollywood's most surprising alleged affairs.

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