05/30/2013 04:26 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Jack Carroll's Semi-Final Performance Wows Judges On 'Britain's Got Talent' (VIDEO)

Step aside future Amy Schumers and Jimmy Fallons, you might have just met your match -- and he's only 14-years-old.

Meet Jack Carroll, the hilarious teen contestant and comedian on this season's "Britain's Got Talent." Jack charmed his way through the first round of auditions with his witty jokes, "Harry Potter" references and self-deprecating humor about his physical disability. (The teen has cerebral palsy.)

Unsurprisingly, Jack managed to wow the judges again in his semi-final performance earlier this week. Watch Jack's performance in the video above.

"Simmer down," Jack told the audience as he entered the stage to rousing applause. "You're not cheering when I take your parking spaces right outside Tescos."

But that was only the beginning of his stand-up routine. From comparing judge Simon Cowell to North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un (ouch!) to sharing an anecdote about his mother getting pulled over by the police for speeding on their way to the "Britain's Got Talent" venue, Jack had the judges on their feet for a second standing ovation.

"It has actually been worth making this show just to meet you," Simon Cowell told Jack, who gave the comedian two thumbs up.

Simon clearly isn't the only one who shares this sentiment, as the teen was voted through to the "Britain's Got Talent" final.

Congrats, Jack!



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