05/30/2013 09:22 am ET

'North America,' Discovery Channel Series, Highlights Dolphins' Strange Fishing Technique (VIDEO)

A new documentary series from the Discovery Channel explores some of the most astonishing ecosystems throughout the continent, and includes some stunning footage of dolphins and their unusual hunting techniques.

"North America," premiered May 19 and will run for seven episodes.

In the clip above, a band of dolphins work together to catch fish off the coast of Georgia, beaching themselves in a daring attack while they chase their prey ashore. Scores of egrets and other birds hover nearby to snatch any remaining morsels. The video comes from the latest episode in the series, "The Savage Edge," which explores the vastly different coastlines of North America, including the Everglades, Mississippi River and California and Florida coasts.

Dolphins have been protected in the U.S. under the Marine Mammal Protection Act since 1972. A study released earlier this month warned that shrinking habitats caused by climate change have placed more than half of plants and nearly a third of animals at risk, including Hong Kong's pink dolphins, which have had an exceptionally difficult time in recent months.

"The Savage Edge" airs Sunday, June 2 at 9 p.m. EDT.



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