05/30/2013 12:57 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Reddit User's Recreated 1980s Family Photo Is An Epic Win (PHOTO)

It's become something of a trend for families to remake an old photo as a thoughtful (and usually hilarious) gift for loved ones -- but these kids went the extra mile for their dad's 45th birthday.

Reddit user silentgrenade posted these photos of him and his two sisters, taken 10 years apart. Users have commented that it's one of the best recreations they've ever seen.

Story continues after photo.

Silentgernade shared the story behind their throwback get-ups.

My dad graduated high school in 1985 and proceeded to join a band that played gigs at various events throughout the US. Mostly high schools in the mid-west though. My mom met my dad through this band because her previous boyfriend was the lead guitarist. It's a long standing joke in the family that my dad was a hard 80's rocker and we like to poke fun at him.

Well done, kids.

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