05/30/2013 01:51 pm ET

Stranger Danger: JennxPenn Tricks Shoppers With Dollar On A String Prank (VIDEO)

It's not easy keeping up with JennXPenn -- teen prankster extraordinaire -- and all of her shenanigans on her video series, "Stranger Danger."

Last time, she got caught stumping Wal-Mart employees with a fake shopping list, and this week, she hit the local stores again. The reason? Jenn attempted to trick shoppers by tying a five dollar bill to a string and then pulling it away when they tried to pick up the cash and claim it as their own.

Watch the prankster pull off her trick in the video above.

After successfully fooling a handful of shoppers, Jenn ended up getting messed with herself. In a twist of events, one passerby grabbed the $5 off the string and continued walking.

She pleaded: "Can I have that? He stole my money."

Nice try, Jenn.

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[h/t Teen.com]



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