05/30/2013 02:21 pm ET Updated May 30, 2013

Tom Brokaw: No News Outlet Should Meet With Eric Holder, DOJ Off-The-Record (VIDEO)

Tom Brokaw stressed on Thursday that news organizations should not agree to meet with Attorney General Eric Holder off-the-record.

The former NBC News anchor appeared on HuffPost Live to discuss his new show “The Brokaw Files,” which debuts on the Military Channel Thursday. When asked about Bob Schieffer's recent critique of the Obama administration, Brokaw said that he believes journalists can take positions on such issues and that he himself has been "critical of the Obama administration" on numerous occasions.

He said that the DOJ's investigation of Fox News' James Rosen was a "complicated" case, but that the agency "could not have been more hamhanded and clumsy in the way they went after" the reporter and Rosen's source.

"I do think that... no news executive should go in there on an off-the-record session," Brokaw added, referring to Holder's upcoming meeting with news organizations. "It should be on the record. Let the sun shine in."

President Obama announced last week that Holder would be meeting with news organizations to review the DOJ's guidelines for investigating journalists. News of the meeting stirred even more controversy on Wednesday, however, when the DOJ confirmed that it would be off-the-record. So far, the New York Times, AP, Huffington Post, McClatchy, CNN, CBS News, Fox News and Reuters have said they will not meet with Holder. The Washington Post, Politico, and ABC News have said they will.



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