05/31/2013 09:56 am ET

'Does Someone Have To Go?': No One Has To Go! (VIDEO)

The imaginatively-titled "Does Someone Have to Go?" aired its second episode on Thursday, as the employees at VMS deliberated over -- you guessed it! -- whether someone had to go. And guess what? No one had to go!

Turns out that when faced with destroying a person's livelihood and preventing them from feeding their family, most employees chose not to toy with their co-worker's income.

“I feel terrible. I made a mistake. I don’t think Uncle Mike should be fired. I’m looking in everyone’s eyes right now, and I feel we may have come to a rush in judgment on Uncle Mike. I think he deserves a second chance," one remorseful VMS employee admitted.

Yes, after a last-minute appeal, the employee known as Uncle Mike was not let go, and months later, he’d increased his sales. Who says fear isn't a good motivator?

The reality series may stop short of kicking people out, but critics think the show itself should be shown the door, with EW calling it “one of the worst” of all time.

"Does Someone Have to Go?" airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.

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