06/13/2013 10:10 am ET

Doctors Spill: The 'Embarrassing' Women's Health Questions I Hear Time And Again

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If there's one person with whom you should never, ever be timid or coy, it's your doctor. Lying to the person whose job it is to help monitor your health is bad enough. But not bringing up questions because you find them somehow embarrassing is just as problematic.

And more often than not, the question you think is so mortifying -- because you think it's gross or because you feel silly for not knowing the answer or both -- is actually one your doctor hears all the time. Like, daily.

"You want to be with a health care provider you feel comfortable with, someone who is going to spend time with you and who you're not embarrassed to ask questions," said Dr. Mary Jane Minkin, an OB-GYN with Yale University's School of Medicine. "I'm your doctor. That's what I'm here for -- to talk about your ovaries, about fertility and sex. That's my job."

With that in mind, we asked a group OB-GYNs, fertility experts and chronic disease specialists to let us in on the top questions their patients find tough to bring up, but that are, in fact, completely common. This should be a reminder that the next time you're with your doctor, you should bring up every last question you've got.

Common 'Embarrassing' Women's Health Questions