05/31/2013 09:28 am ET

'Mike And Molly' Finale: Mike Makes A Confession During The Tornado (VIDEO)

A tornado came to town in the "Mike and Molly" season finale (which is why the episode was rescheduled from its original May 20 airdate) and being on lockdown prompted Mike to make a confession to his lady.

“I was trying to make some money in case we had to do the whole in vitro deal, so I went into business with Vince -- I just want us to have a baby so bad!" Mike admitted in the midst of the storm.

Luckily, everyone was safe, although there was some relationship damage ...

Still, despite the tornado, Zap2It described it as “a rather quiet finale, with no major cliffhanger or standout event to keep fans buzzing during what will be an unusually extended hiatus.” Indeed, it might be a while until fans see the couple again -- though the show was renewed for a fourth year, it has yet to find a place on CBS' schedule for next season.

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