05/31/2013 11:16 am ET Updated May 31, 2013

Sheep Attack People In Brazil (VIDEO)

This might seem funny -- okay, it is kind of funny -- but chances are most people chased by a ram after little or no provocation would disagree.

According to a Huffington Post translation, this video, posted to the YouTube channel of Brazilian agriculture news website Negócios da Terra on May 24, captures the exploits of one cantankerous male sheep as it harasses people outside Londrina prison in the state of Parana, Brazil.

The footage begins with the ram merely chasing people. The cameraman can be heard giggling, but it's unclear if the animal has been provoked in any way. As the video progresses, the ram comes after people. One man tries to kick the ram away, and later attempts to ineffectively fight it. (He is rewarded with a shot to the groin.)

At one point, the agitated ram follows a middle-aged woman in a long, blue skirt, charges her and knocks her over. It later head-butts a small motorcycle, knocking the vehicle over as its driver and passenger attempt to ride away.

It isn't shown on camera, but someone finally gets a rope around the sheep's neck. It's eventually led away.

Some news outlets have mistakenly identified the aggressive animal as a goat. Although the ram in the video appears with a goat accomplice, the main offender is actually a sheep. A difference between sheep and goats are their tails, which hang down in the former.



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