05/31/2013 03:03 pm ET Updated Jun 19, 2013

Steven Lee Returns $8,000 In Cash Found Outside Illinois Bank

Steven Lee found enough cash this week outside a Palatine, Ill., bank to buy some groceries, make a few mortgage payments and perhaps squeeze in a vacation or two.

But that's not what Lee is about. He told CBS he immediately thought of the person who could lose his or her job because of the lost $8,000.

"I better return this money quick," he told that station, describing his thinking at the time.

So Lee marched into the Chicago-area bank with the bundled bills, had someone take a picture of his discovery to post on Facebook and did the right thing. The bank wants to buy him lunch, CBS wrote.

Visit CBS Chicago for more details on the story.

While Lee was lauded as a Good Samaritan, his move wasn't as rare as some might think. In a 2010 poll in the Guardian, 71 precent said they would hand in an even greater sum than Lee did.

But that's what they say they would do.

In 2012 the ABC News show "What Would You Do?" filmed the real-life reactions of people who came across money planted in front of a bank. Let's just say that "finders keepers" is alive and well.

Like Lee, Rachel Castillo chose the honest path after coming upon a large sum in April. She returned $36,000 left on a Miami golf course by an elderly man. She said her faith made her do it.



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