06/01/2013 11:10 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Gwist Recap: The Best Video Clips From The Gay YouTube Channel, May 26 - June 1

Gwist is a YouTube channel that brings together videos of interest to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) community. From the founders of Logo, Gwist isn't ABOUT being gay, but FOR being gay and for anyone who wants to BE a gay!

This week on Gwist!: Gwissues talks to three of YouTube's biggest gay stars and finds out their secrets on how to be famous, the Steam Room boys compare notes on weird sex noises, Dykeotomy tells a story about being awkward in women's changing rooms and the couples on Conversations w/ My Ex begin to find their lives inexplicably intertwining!

1. Gwissues -- "Gay YouTube Rockstars"
Just how DO you become famous on the internet? Howard Bragman gets personal with top gay YouTube celebrities Davey Wavey, Willam Belli and Randy Rainbow!

2. Steam Room Stories -- "Do You Moan During Sex?"
The guys compare notes on what kinds of noises people make during sex. Are you a religious moaner or do you squeal like a baby seal?

3. Dykeotomy -- "Awkward Lesbian Locker Room"
The dykey duo talks about feeling awkward in a dressing room full of half-naked women. Visual aids are used.

4. Conversations w/ My Ex -- "Warning Signs"
Our couples lives begin to intertwine! Tension rises at the yoga studio, Janie tries to make things better and Josh and Michael continue to struggle with old feelings.

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