06/02/2013 02:22 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Reddit User Builds Catio For Special-Needs Cat, Stops Smoking (PHOTOS)

By Liz Acosta For Catster

Look at this outdoor cat patio. Just look at it!

It's pretty cool, right? The cats get almost unlimited access to the "catio" through a cat door. The three lucky cats who get to inhabit this catio are all special-needs kitties. Nova, Jerry, and Hitch require extra attention for a host of conditions: Nova is diabetic and needs insulin shots twice day, Jerry has heart disease, and Hitch has cerebellar hypoplasia, a developmental disorder which affects a cat's motor abilities.

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Building this innovative, luxury catio for cats who need extensive daily care helped their human friend, Redditor dawnwastaken, to quit smoking. Occupied with caring for her cats and building their catio, it was easy for dawnwastaken to forget about her nicotine cravings. And now she'll get to live a longer, fuller life for her kitties.

The catio comprises a lot of ready-made parts -- like a dog fence and cat door -- but it also has some customized features. And every year, dawnwastaken and her husband update the catio with new furniture, taking time to mend anything that requires repair.

Oddly enough, the cats like to go out even in the snow!

So let's review how rad this story is: Woman takes care of three special-needs kitties by building them a luxurious catio, which also helps her quit smoking. Wow. Just writing that made us feel uplifted.

What have you built for your cats? Share some photos with us!

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