06/03/2013 04:55 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Dylan O'Brien 'Teen Wolf': 15 Reasons Why Stiles Is The Secret Heart Of The Show (GIFs)

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"Teen Wolf" returns for Season 3 tonight. If you've never watched the MTV reboot before, allow us to introduce you to the charmingly, dorkingly, super-awkward non-werewolf best friend of your dreams: Stiles Stilinski. (AKA, the secret heart of the show.)

Sure, the other men of "Teen Wolf" take their shirts off more

Okay, a LOT more

But believe us, Stiles is the one who really gets you

First of all, he's the only character on the show who seems to be an actual, real-life teenager

Who loves to eat

Is really awkward at parties

And never gets the girl

His relationship with his dad is also about the cutest thing you've ever seen

And okay, his friends are way stronger, cooler and (have we mentioned?) literally always shirtless

But don't underestimate him

Because he will DESTROY you with his fierce rhetoric

In a way, Stiles represents the vulnerability of all the weirdo fantasy creatures around him

Just look at those eyes!

Basically, if you're watching "Teen Wolf" for anything other than Dylan O'Brien

Er, Stiles

(Who can we just say is actually a complete stud?)

It's time to face the facts: You are doing it incorrectly.



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