06/03/2013 03:00 pm ET

Justin Bieber Denies Rumors He Fathered A Baby At 15


Justin Bieber has been hit with yet another rumor that he fathered a fan's baby, but the singer is taking it in stride.

Last week, Star magazine reported that an unidentified European fan claimed she met Bieber at a South Beach TGI Fridays after his Miami concert in 2010, and he invited her back to his hotel. The woman alleged that she became pregnant that night and a source told the magazine she "was 100 percent sure that Justin was the father."

While this all sounds a lot like the last woman who claimed Bieber was the father of her child, the kicker here is that the European fan would have been 25 at the time, while Bieber would have been 15 -- which mean the encounter wouldn't have been legal since the age of consent in Florida is 18.

Bieber has received a lot of negative press recently but it looks like he's letting this one slide off his back:



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