06/03/2013 04:16 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

10 Kitchen Life Hacks That Will Make Cleaning This Space A Snap (PHOTOS)


We're always on the hunt for the smartest and quickest ways to keep our homes in order. And we're especially excited when we come across some unconventional tips for tidying up the area that gives us the most stress: the kitchen. Don't worry, we won't be stingy. Here are the ten best kitchen life hacks.

1. Use a rubberband to secure stemware in the dishwasher.

kitchen life hacks

2. Keep your sponges dry and mildew free with a binder clip.

kitchen life hacks

3. Clean stainless steel with flour.

cleaning stainless steel

4. Use magazine holders as shelves for more freezer space.

freezer storage

5. Prevent spills in your refrigerator with a cutting board.

repurposing idea

6. Use mesh produce bags as a DIY pot scrubber.

scrub pots

7. Get your cheese grater to sparkle -- with a toothbrush.

kitchen life hacks

8. Keep a clean fridge with Press N' Seal cling wrap.

clean fridge

9. Clean your oven with vanilla so it always smells good.

clean your oven

10. Use pantyhose to clean underneath your refrigerator.

kitchen life hacks cleaning

Click through our slideshow to see more awesome life hacks.

Brilliant/Crazy Life Hacks

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