06/03/2013 08:12 pm ET Updated Mar 11, 2016

Trash Wedding Dress: Kevin Cotter Dishes On What He Did With Ex-Wife's Dress

When Kevin Cotter's ex-wife moved out of their home after nearly 12 years of marriage, she left a reminder of their ill-fated relationship behind: her wedding dress.

What did Cotter do? He found over 101 uses for the dress, including turning it into a scarecrow and using it as a pasta strainer, which he documented on his blog and in his subsequent book.

Cotter stopped by HuffPost Live on Friday to talk about some of his favorite uses for the dress, and his ex-wife's reaction to his blog and book.

"She's not a fan. She doesn't appreciate what I've done," Cotter said. "It's open for interpretation and everybody has the right to their opinion and I've received messages from people who tell me that they think I did something good and that they're happy for me but I receive messages from a lot of people too who think what I've done is terrible and very disrespectful and she happens to be in that camp, which is unfortunate because I don't hold any grudge and I'm not motivated at all to get back at her or anything like that."

Watch the video above to hear more from Cotter (and click here to view the full segment), then browse through the slideshow below for some of his favorite wedding dress applications, which he detailed in a Huffington Post blog post in October 2011.

Ex-Wife’s Wedding Dress

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