06/04/2013 03:45 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Andrej Pejic Poses Nude In Vogue Brazil (PHOTO)

Supermodel Andrej Pejic bares it all in a nude editorial for Vogue Brazil's June 2013 issue, proving that there is a "super" in front of his title for a reason.

The beautiful, androgynous Pejic stripped his clothes and went nearly naked for a shoot that is being called his "most revealing" yet, according to Out magazine. The 21-year-old posed for famed photographer Mario Testino, with his hand placed strategically over his groin. The headline for this spread is aptly titled, "Freedom of Choice."

Pejic has previously discussed his gender, saying that he leaves it up to "artistic interpretation."

“It’s not like, ‘Okay, today I want to look like a man, or today I want to look like a woman,'” he told New York magazine back in 2011. “I want to look like me. It just so happens that some of the things I like are feminine.”

Pejic has walked the runways for Jean-Paul Gaultier and Marc Jacobs. In January, he landed his first Elle cover. The gender-bending beauty opts to keep his hair long and wear minimal makeup. Vangardist said the famous fashionista "doesn't want to be a woman, he wants to be and combine both genders, because he feels that one is not enough."

Click here to see more of Andrej Pejic at Vogue Brazil.

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