06/04/2013 07:44 am ET

'Cake Boss': Brides Tear Into A Wedding Gown Cake Looking For A Gold Coin (VIDEO)

In what was easily one of the most fun projects yet on "Cake Boss," Buddy Valastro and his team were tasked by a bridal salon to make a life-sized wedding dress cake. The final product was gorgeous, looking like a dress on a mannequin's body. But it wasn't going to be enjoyed in the way most of Buddy's cakes were.

At the boutique's promotional event, the cake was destroyed by a bunch of brides-to-be almost immediately. This wasn't a case of bridezillas gone bad, though. The boutique had Buddy bake a gold coin into the dress. Which ever bride-to-be found the coin won a free wedding dress from the store.

Anyone who's ever bought a wedding dress can understand perfectly why those women were so wildly attacking the cake. The winner, Pamela Rose, couldn't believe what she'd won. Buddy appeared to be having as much fun as the women.

And, of course, he wished all of the brides luck and told them to come see him if they still needed a cake. They could eat this one.

Pretty soon, brides will be able to have Buddy cater the whole event. The "Cake Boss" is opening an eatery on the Las Vegas strip inside the Venetian called Buddy V's.

See more amazing creations on "Cake Boss," Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

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