06/04/2013 11:08 am ET Updated Jun 05, 2013

Dollar Shave Club Guy Michael Dubin Returns With 'Butt Wipes For Men' (VIDEO)

The Dollar Shave Club guy is back and cheekier than ever. No, really. After his original wacky video about Dollar Shave Club's mail-order razor business went viral in March 2012, club founder Michael Dubin stars in an encore about sanitary wipes for men.

He calls them "One Wipe Charlies." The new product's function is pretty much fodder for lots of scatalogical quips in the new spot. Remember, it's video No. 2 for Dubin, and he's talking about cleaning up after No. 2.

The video went live on YouTube Tuesday morning. If it comes close to generating the same success as the original, Dubin might leave the competition behind. (Yeah, that's a tame version of some of the poop puns in the commercial.)

In October, Dollar Shave Club received nearly $10 million from a venture capital firm, the New York Times reported. But Dubin, a natural pitchman, still managed to keep a low profile between Shave Club vids. While he recently popped up in a relatively tame American Express ad, he takes front and center in his new ad (which he teased to the media several weeks ago by not showing it to the media.)

Since he gained fame as an offbeat and photogenic entrepreneur, "The Millionaire Matchmaker" has asked Dubin to appear as a bachelor for a date, but he told The Huffington Post that he turned the offer down. "Nobody wants to see me making out in a hot tub with anybody," Dubin said.

Now we'll see who wants to see him mock-wipe his tush.