06/04/2013 12:53 pm ET Updated Jun 04, 2013

Fox News Walks Back Misleading Bob Woodward Headline (VIDEO)

Fox News walked back a headline mischaracterizing remarks made by longtime Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward.

On Monday's "O'Reilly Factor," Woodward joined Bill O'Reilly to discuss the IRS targeting Tea Party groups. The Washington Post's Erik Wemple noticed that when the segment was uploaded to Fox News' website, the headline attached to the video, "Woodward: IRS scandal 'on the road to Watergate,'" was inaccurate.

Woodward did not say that the IRS scandal was "on the road to Watergate." In fact, Woodward argued that the IRS scandal was "not Watergate at all." He told O'Reilly:

One of the things you learn doing this for 40 years is—and I agree this is not Watergate at all—but the road to Watergate is concealment, is not coming clean and just say, 'Oh well we won’t have to release that memo. We won’t have to let so and so testify. Let’s call executive privilege. Let's stonewall.'

Fox News later changed its headline to: "Woodward: Road to Watergate for Obama Admin is concealment." Woodward has appeared on multiple television programs to discuss government scandals involving the IRS, Benghazi hearings and the Department of Justice. He's also responded to claims that accused President Obama of "Nixonian" behavior.

During some of his appearances, Woodward seemed to offer somewhat contradictory points of view on whether any of the scandals could be compared to Watergate.

(h/t Erik Wemple)