06/04/2013 02:00 pm ET

Hadouken Band Students: Music Geeks Take The Makankosappo Trend To The Next Level (PHOTOS)

Keiko Mukai / Facebook

By now you're probably well-versed on the anime-inspired internet trend known as Hadouken-ing. Whether you call it "Vadering," Makankosappo, dragon-punching or one of a slew of other nicknames for the Street Fighter pose, the meme popular amongst Japanese schoolgirls has been difficult to avoid.

But we've only recently come across our favorite iteration of Hadouken-ing, a hilarious rendition of the original photo trend imagined by a group of clever band students. The new take on the meme is called "Tuba Gunning," in which instrument-wielding kids position their tubas and trumpets in front of their airborne friends.

The result is pure band geekdom, and we absolutely love it. Scroll through the photos below for a look at the Hadouken-ing music students and let us know your thoughts on the evolving meme in the comments.

Hadouken Meme & Band Students

h/t Kotaku