06/04/2013 05:42 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

How To Win Your Teen Years, According To Miley Cyrus GIFs


Sometimes, surviving high school feels impossible, but no one knows about making it through “the climb” of teenagehood better than Miley Cyrus. So why not take a page out of her book? Check out 15 ways you can win your teen years, according to the twerking queen.

1. Don't forget where you came from

2. Keep your friends close

3. Realize the big role your parents play in your life

4. Put a positive spin on things

5. Don't fake your emotions

6. Ignore the haters

7. Don't be afraid to fall in love

8. But also stay true to yourself

9. Keep your head up

10. Even when you're feeling sad

11. Be silly sometimes

12. And laugh things off

13. Say no to drama

14. Don't fear change

15. And when in doubt, twerk it out

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