06/04/2013 04:15 pm ET

Lawrence O'Donnell Takes Cheerios Love To The Next Level (VIDEO)

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In response to critics who railed against Cheerios for featuring an interracial family in its newest ad, MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell dedicated an entire segment to the cereal that, viewers learned, he loved so, so, so very much.

O'Donnell played the ad on his show twice, protesting those who criticized the ad to such a degree that General Mills was forced to shut down the comments section on its YouTube page.

"The comments about the interracial couple and their daughter that appeared online included the kind of racism you had every right to expect would be extinct in a country with a biracial president," O'Donnell said. "It is now more important than ever for us Cheerios fans to unite, not in rage against that sick of minority of haters who spread their vile anonymously on the Internet, but in love of Cheerios. Because Cheerios needs a little extra love right now."

Judging from the controversy, it actually seems like interracial couples need a little extra love right now. In any event, the MSNBC host then poured himself a bowl of cereal and proceeded to chow down (and speak with his mouth full). "Love that commercial," he said while chomping on a big bite of cereal. "I mean, that is a great commercial. Love Cheerios."

The box remained by O'Donnell's side throughout the entirety of the show.



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