06/04/2013 07:45 am ET Updated Jun 04, 2013

'Little People, Big World: Separation Anxiety': Matt And Amy Consider Divorce (VIDEO)

"Separation Anxiety" was tearing the Roloffs apart on the latest "Little People, Big World" special. Matt and Amy have been having a rocky relationship for years now. At times, it seemed they were only staying together for the kids. But with the kids growing up and moving out one by one, they're starting to examine their relationship on a deeper level.

In this special, they tried to rekindle the flame of their love by going on dates, but it only seemed to cause more problems.

Amy told Matt that she knew that ending their marriage was on his mind every day. "It’s on your mind every day, too," he tried to counter, but Amy denied it.

“We’re not having any fun together, though," Matt said.

“I think we choose not to," Amy countered.

One trip did seem to spark some magic, but it was short-lived. Once they returned to the farm, they went back to living in their "separate worlds," as Amy put it. She said she doesn't know what's keeping them together at this point.

Marital problems aren't the only drama in their lives right now, either. The family has recently received a series of death threats, which are currently being investigated.

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