06/04/2013 03:06 pm ET

Naked 'Leaf Dancer' Statue In Coalville, Utah Gets Dressed Up By Concerned Residents

Residents in Coalville, Utah deemed a naked statue "immodest," and decided to fix the problem by dressing it up in outlandish costumes.

The wire and metal sculpture, called "Leaf Dancer" by artist Milt Neely, has worn coconut bras, baggy sweatshirts, and even a pirate getup.

Since its installation on the city's Main Street two years ago, the statue's womanly, curvaceous figure has been redressed several times overnight, usually by teens, according to KSL.

The tables turned, though, when Coalville Mayor Duane Schmidt realized "Leaf Dancer" was becoming a tourist attraction. He decided to use the scantily-clad artwork to the city's advantage.

"We do know some people thought the city got angry when someone dressed up the statue," Schmidt told The Park Record, "but that is not the case."

Instead, this summer, this city is encouraging residents 14 years of age or older to apply to be the official statue dresser.

An application online asks that the dresser must "promise to dress the Leaf Lady by midnight Thursdays so we all wake up to a dressed statue every Friday this summer."

The form reiterates that outfits must be tasteful, though.

Neely apparently doesn't take issue with the mayor's publicity stunt.




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