06/04/2013 05:31 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Sofia Vergara: 'I Want To Be Like Gloria'

You can always count on Sofia Vergara to keep it real.

The Colombian star joined HuffPost Live on Tuesday and said she’s not worried about playing into Latino stereotypes with her character on “Modern Family.”

“I read a script, I read a scene and I think ‘OK, how would my mom and my aunt play this?’ And that’s how I’ve created Gloria,” the actress said. “I guess if they want to say that my mom and my aunt are stereotypes, but that’s who they are, they’re loud they’re voluptuous.”

Even though Sofia doesn’t seem to mind it, her portrayal of Gloria Pritchett has been criticized and deemed stereotypical.

“It’s working for her, but at what expense?” Liz Colunga, a 31-year-old Mexican-American documentary filmmaker told The New York Times. “She’s playing the clueless Latina.”

Stereotypical or not, Sofia says she's proud of her character: “I want to be like Gloria, I don’t see how anyone would think that Gloria is a bad stereotype.”

There is one major difference between the actress and the sitcom mom though -- while Mrs. Pritchett is completely driven by family, Sofia says for her it’s more about “American dollars.”

Watch the full segment below: