06/04/2013 04:27 am ET Updated Jun 04, 2013

'The Fosters' Premiere: Biracial, Lesbian Couple Become Parents To More Foster Children (VIDEO)

ABC Family went all in for their new drama, "The Fosters." It was about a foster family with the oh-so-clever last name of Foster. And to make it more interesting, the parents are an interracial, lesbian couple portrayed by Teri Polo ("Meet the Fockers") and Sherri Saum ("Rescue Me"). They have one biological son and two adopted kids -- four by the end of the premiere.

Callie was the new addition to the family and she took a moment to understand the family dynamic. "So you’re dykes?” she asked her new moms.

“They prefer the term ‘people’ but, yeah, they’re gay," son Jesus clarified. Later, Callie lit out to try and rescue her brother from their father. When that situation got ugly -- he pulled a gun -- her new moms came in and suddenly Callie's brother was coming home, too.

Entertainment Weekly thought the new drama was "heartwarming" and "moving."

The New York Times wrote that it would fit in well with ABC Family's roster of issue-oriented teen dramas. They described the show as "a multiple threat, wrapping up gay parenting, blended families, adoption and the foster care and juvenile justice systems in one happy-sad package ... Beneath the 21st-century family structure, the elements of the story are familiar: loving, nervous parents; secretive but good-hearted teenagers; fitting in at school, demonstrating loyalty, learning which adults to trust.”

The very topical "The Fosters" continues its run on Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC Family.

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