06/04/2013 12:10 pm ET

Whoopi Goldberg To Lara Spencer: 'It's On, B-tch!' (VIDEO)

One of the best things to ever happen on "The View" has been the introduction of Whoopi Goldberg's "Shoe View Cam." Every morning for the past few weeks, Whoopi has kicked off the show by showing off her amazing collection of shoes.

On Tuesday, however, she had a bone to pick with ABC News' Lara Spencer. Lara featured her shoes in her own "Shoe Cam" on "Good Morning America."

"It's on, b-tch!" Whoopi joked. "I'm challenging my friend Lara Spencer... beat this," she declared, showing off the spikey, cut-out patent leather heels on her feet. When her co-hosts said that there was no way Lara could beat her, Whoopi responded, "She can try!" and promised that she would be watching what Lara wears tomorrow.

Later, she added, "I just wanna make sure people know this is in fun."

Lara wore her shoes on Tuesday as part of a viewer vote to pick clothing items for "GMA" hosts. When one Twitter follower even called her attention to Whoopi's shoe collection, she responded:

While Whoopi should defend her "Shoe View Cam" empire, one has to wonder what Wendy Williams, who has been featuring a shoe cam on her show for years, has to say about the matter.



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