06/05/2013 10:01 am ET

Blake Shelton And Adam Levine, 'The Voice' Coaches, Talk Tattoos With Oprah (VIDEO)

Adam Levine is, undoubtedly, the most tattooed coach on "The Voice," but he's not the only one with ink. Country star Blake Shelton also sports a tattoo around his left forearm. When Oprah sat down with "The Voice" coaches for "Oprah's Next Chapter," she asked Adam and Blake about the stories behind their art.

"Some of them mean something, some of them don't," Adam says about his tattoos. "You're on the road, you get bored, you just do it."

Several of Adam's tattoos do have meaning though, he says, pointing out his lucky number and his very first guitar. But when fellow coach Blake cracks a joke about Adam's "mom" tattoo, the Maroon 5 frontman is quick with a comeback. "See, now, Blake has a cool barbed wire tattoo with deer poop on it," Adam tells Oprah.

"What does that mean?" Oprah asks Blake, pointing to his tattoo.

"It doesn't mean crap, Oprah," Blake says with a smile. Then he sets the record straight, explaining how his tattoo certainly doesn't feature "deer poop."

Blake begins, "I'm a country guy from Oklahoma and I thought, 'I'll get some deer tracks going around my arm..."

"Were you sober for that?" Adam interrupts.

"No, and neither was the guy that gave me the tattoo, I don't think," Blake says. "He didn't know how to make a deer track and I didn't either. [But] I drew him one -- what I thought it looked like -- and he jut took that and copied it here. So I actually drew that crap."

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