06/05/2013 07:22 pm ET

Dating Gets Outsourced


Instant matchmakers like Tinder are skyrocketing in popularity, old-fashioned online dating has long gone mainstream, and app-happy San Franciscans have more dates lined up than ever. But not many of these rendezvous are up to par, says Melissa Edwards, 29, a marketing professional at a social gaming company who goes on two to three dates a week.

The North Beach resident sees men repeat the same mistakes. “Guys don’t plan or think ahead. They’ll show up to a new restaurant without a reservation or take you somewhere generic like the Tipsy Pig,” she says. “Or they’ll just ask, ‘What do you wanna to do?’” She often finds herself advising the engineers she works with on where to woo their dates. “They’re so grateful for the guidance. They have no clue.”

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