06/05/2013 03:25 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Desert Rose Plant Took Five Years To Bloom One Gorgeous Flower (PHOTO)

Adeniums (or desert roses by their common name) is a plant that takes a long time to grow. It's not uncommon for gardeners to report that it could take months or years for them to flower. But waiting half a decade to see a single bloom? That's not really the result we'd wait around to see.

Redditor dzurls posted a photo of the plant, which took five years to grow one solitary (albeit gorgeous) flower. The user didn't give much more information regarding the conditions of their flora, but according to Guide To Houseplants, lack of light, dry soil and cold temperatures can cause dormancy.

We reached out Stephen Hill, a tropical/indoor plant specialist, who said: "From appearances, it is very tall and very “lean” and likely may not be in the best of conditions, which may contribute to its delayed flowering. Bear in mind that different species and their hybrids can have varying growth rates. " Or perhaps, this little guy just wasn't ready to show the world its beauty.

Head over to Reddit for more information, and be sure to click through our slideshow to see the best houseplants for your home.

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