06/05/2013 04:22 pm ET

Glenn Beck Hits Back At Rachel Maddow For Comparing Him To Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck responded to Rachel Maddow on Wednesday for comparing him to conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

In a segment titled "Maddow's Intellectual Integrity Questioned," Beck played soundbites of the MSNBC host calling a number of right-wing conspiracy theories the "Glenn Beck-Alex Jones view of the world." Beck argued that he had never been called a "conspiracy theorist in his life."

"Instead, I have debunked the 9/11 conspiracy stuff. We did an entire show on the Sandy Hook stuff. I received death threats because of the debunking of the Sandy Hook thing from the Alex Jones people," Beck said. "So to put us into this group is so ridiculous."

Maddow has excoriated Jones in the past for calling the Boston bombings an inside job and arguing that the devastating tornado that leveled parts of Moore, Okla., could have been caused by the government's "weather weapon." She has also dedicated segments to discussing what she has called fringe conspiracy theories that have made its way into mainstream Republican politics.

Beck's co-host Steve Burguiere said, "In her effort to come up with one thing that you’re a conspiracy theorist on, she came up with none. All of the examples were all things that you didn’t believe and have been on the air saying you don’t believe for years."

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