06/05/2013 08:36 am ET

Percentage Of Hispanic-Serving Colleges And Universities In U.S. Increases


The number of colleges and universities in the United States recognized as Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) jumped from 311 in 2010-2011 to 356 in 2011-2012, marking the largest-ever jump in growth during a single year among this classification of colleges.

According to data released by Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU) and the Excelencia in Education organizations, HSIs represent 11% of all higher-education institutions nationwide, but account for more than half of all Latino undergraduate enrollment. Approximately 54% of Latino undergraduates enrolled in HSIs in 2011-12, making these institutions a crucial matter for “national attention,” says Deborah Santiago, Vice President of Policy and co-founder of Excelencia in Education.

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