06/05/2013 06:24 am ET Updated Jun 05, 2013

Owen Wilson Laughs At Clip From His First-Ever 'Tonight Show' Appearance (VIDEO)

Owen Wilson admitted that he was sad about his latest appearance on "The Tonight Show." The actor said he was disappointed when thinking that this would probably be his last interview on the show with Jay Leno at the helm.

Though the host said he'd love to have Wilson back before he leaves next year, the guys took a trip down memory lane when Leno played a clip from Owen's first-ever appearance on "The Tonight Show" back in 1999.

Back then, Wilson was just trying to get people to believe he was even in movies. He said in the clip, "You tell people you’re making a movie and they go, 'Well, who’s in it?' And you say, 'I’m in it and then, my brother’s in it and my older brother’s in it. And my friend’s directing it.' And then their eyes glaze over and they go, 'This guy’s totally full of it.'”

Wilson cracked up over the old footage. Nowadays, of course, he doesn't have to convince people he's a big movie star. His latest project, "The Internship," hits theaters this Friday.

"The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" continues every weeknight at 11:35 p.m. ET on NBC.

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