06/05/2013 08:32 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Queen Maxima's Gucci Ensemble Is A Repeat & We Love It (PHOTOS)

Reason #4723857 we love Queen Maxima: She can recycle fashion like a pro.

Not only does the Dutch royal woo us with her fearless, color-centric style choices, but the woman knows when it's time for an outfit to make a second (or third or fourth) appearance. The latest ensemble Maxima's plucked from her closet? A hot pink Gucci number she wore less than a month ago.

The spring 2013 ensemble, a '70s-style tunic and trouser set, was quintessential Maxima with its voluminous sleeves and bright, monochromatic color. The Argentinian-born royal debuted the look on May 16 during one of her first few engagements as queen, but she decided to whip it out yesterday during her visit to the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Germany.

So while Kate Middleton and Michelle Obama get all the fashion repeat cred, we think Maxima deserves a spot up there with these trend-setting ladies. Seriously, how cool is Maxima's Gucci outfit?

On May 16th...

queen maxima gucci

On June 4th...

queen maxima gucci

Maxima's got plenty of chic outfits to choose from:

Queen Maxima's Most Memorable Looks

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