06/05/2013 04:19 pm ET Updated Jun 05, 2013

Snuggling Bunnies On A Bed: It's An Ad For Ibis Hotels, But Feel Free To Say Awwww! (VIDEO)

Soooo fluffy. Soooo cute. Soooo advertising for the Ibis hotel chain.

Embrace the cuddliness in the video above as these adorable bunnies hit the hay. When it comes to furry creatures with big ears, perhaps commercialism has its place.

As AdWeek reported, ad agency BETC London let 30 bunnies loose in an Ibis London venue for two days, and "supposedly" the group snuggle just happened.

The spot aims to show how comfortable the chain's new Sweet Bed is. It looks to us like Easter in June.

If the warm and fuzzy proceedings make you want to go out and buy a bunny, remember that raising one isn't child's play. Veterinarian Heidi Hoefer tells Petfinder.com that "rabbit ownership requires the same commitment as owning a puppy, and should be taken just as seriously."



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