06/05/2013 07:55 pm ET Updated Aug 05, 2013

Trois Mec Review: Ludo Lefebvre Brings Bistronomie To Hancock Park - - Eat+Drink - Los Angeles - LA Weekly


Lefebvre is pacing, stalking up and down behind the kitchen line, which also serves as the counter at Trois Mec, which is also where you'll most likely sit if you are part of a party of two. The music, innocuous indie rock of some sort, would be barely noticeable if it weren't for the chef's displeasure.

Trois Mec is tiny -- 24 seats in all -- and two-tops sit at the counter, which looks directly into the kitchen. It affords you a view of everything that happens throughout service: the cooking, the plating, the chef's vexation with the soundtrack.