06/06/2013 04:53 am ET

'Baby Daddy': Danny Accidentally Tells Riley How He Feels About Her In A Voicemail (VIDEO)

Danny accidentally butt-dialed Riley while he was talking to his mom about how much he's still in love with Riley on "Baby Daddy." Then, his mother sent the message to Riley while trying to erase it. The rest of the episode saw her trying to make things right by taking Riley's phone so she could delete it. Ultimately, she dropped the phone in water, but Riley's too-perfect new boyfriend was confident he could salvage it.

He must have done so, because the next scene saw Riley outside of Danny's place listening to the message he'd never wanted her to hear. "I’ve been so in love with her ever since she climbed into my treehouse," he said in the message.

But when Riley came in and wanted to try and talk to him about it, she quickly discovered that he wasn't alone. Melana came out wearing one of his white shirts and not much else.

“I should probably get back," Danny said, still unaware that Riley had heard the message. As she was leaving, she deleted it. But she can't delete that she heard it and now knows how he feels. It's already started impacting how she feels about her current relationship.

Find out if the two find their way to one another by following "Baby Daddy" every Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. ET on ABC Family.

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