06/06/2013 04:01 pm ET

'Diddy Jet Dance': Will The Rapper's New Movies Give Way To The Latest Hip-Hop Craze?

Are we on the front end of the latest hip-hop dance craze? The verdict is in the world's hands, but the moves are there for the grabbing -- all thanks to Diddy.

The rapper showed off his so-called "jet dance," which is literally what it sounds like: Diddy dancing in front of a jet. Using Compton rapper Problem’s “Like Whaaat," Diddy does a series of spins and hip gyrations as the music plays from an iPod dock. He then takes his dance inside the jet -- because why wouldn't he? -- and continues as other passengers board, seemingly uninterested.

Diddy posted the video Thursday morning and tweeted it using the hashtag #DiddyJetDance. The term wasn't trending on Twitter at the time of this post, so Diddy may want to spread his new fad a little wider if he hopes it'll stick. In the meantime, start practicing your jet dance.



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