06/06/2013 03:25 pm ET

Frager's Fire Frundraiser: D.C. Residents Pitch In To Help Beloved Store

It was only a matter of hours after Frager's, the beloved Capitol Hill hardware store, burned to the ground Wednesday night before Julia Robey Christian took action.

The Capitol Hill resident and owner of the Anacostia Playhouse started up an online campaign on GiveForward.com to raise $100,000 in support of the 93-year-old landmark, according to DCist. As of early afternoon on Thursday, more than $20,000 had already been raised.

Christian wrote on the GiveForward donation page that the fundraiser is geared toward raising money to "cover any costs that are not covered by insurance or other means."

As for what, exactly, will happen to the money, Christian says she will hand a check directly over to the store's owner, John Weintraub.

"I leave it to John to decide how to use the funds and I fully trust he will know best how to use this money for the maximum benefit of the maximum number of people affected," she wrote.

Weintraub told the Washington City Paper that the cost of the damage has, "Gotta be in the millions."

The fundraiser is not the only way D.C. locals are helping out. Matchbox, the popular D.C. area pizza chain, is holding open interviews for any of the 65 full- and part-time Frager's employees interested in temporary placement at their Barrack's Row location.

Matchbox Vice President Fred Hermann, in a press release, said that the restaurant group is pitching in because of how important the hardware store is to the local community.

"Frager’s has been a part of our community for longer than most of us have been here," he said. "We want to do what little we can to help alleviate the pain the store’s employees and families are already experiencing, and intend to continue our help for as long as and in whatever ways possible."

The fire that took down Frager's took over 100 firemen and around 20,000 gallons of water to get under control.

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Fire At Frager's Hardware