06/06/2013 04:58 am ET

'Haunted Collector' Finale: Civil War Mortician Performed Experiments On Bodies (VIDEO)

The team faced off against a Civil War era mortician on the season finale of "Haunted Collector." They headed to investigate an antique shop in Florida after the owner reported being attacked by ghosts.

They learned that a Dr. John Palmer had owned the house during the Civil War. He was a chemist and mortician, but there were rumors that he experimented on the dead bodies he received. When they brought up the rumors during their EVP session in the house, they got a chilling response.

“Did you do any of the experiments in this house?” John Zaffis asked.

A voice could clearly be heard responding, "Yes."

They determined that an old medical device that would have been used to drill into patients skulls as a treatment for mental illness -- or even simple headaches -- was giving off some unusual energy. After the te3am removed the drill, the paranormal activity in the house decreased.

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